William and Julia Ann Van Orden Timeline

—compiled by Dell Van Orden

1804, November 15 William Van Orden is born in East Windham (Wyndham), Greene County, New York, the eldest of eight children born to Peter Van Orden and Mary Crooker (Carbine).
1805, October 6 Julia Ann Haight is born in Windham, Greene County, New York, the third of nine children born to Caleb Haight and Keturah Horton.
1827, March 12 William and Julia Ann are married at his father's inn, called the "Mountain House," on Windham Mountain in the Catskill Mountains near Catskill, New York.
1828, January 13 William and Julia Ann's first child is born in Windham, Greene County, New York. She is named Charlotte Amelia.
1829, March 11 William buys 100 acres of land from Frances Carbine in the Town of Sempronius, Cayuga County, New York, for $1,450, and the family moves westward.
1830, January 27 William and Julia's first son and second child is born in Sempronius, Cayuga County, New York. He is named Peter Edmund.
1831, December 27 The second daughter and third child of William and Julia is born in Sempronius, Cayuga County, New York. She is named Mary Ann Helen.
1833, March 20 The Town of Moravia, New York, is created from the Town of Sempronius. William and Julia's home and farm are included in the new town.
1834, January 2 The second son and fourth child of William and Julia is born in Moravia, Cayuga County, New York. He is named Everett Clark.
1835, November 2 Eliza Dorlesca (Dorleska), the fifth child of William and Julia, is born in Moravia, Cayuga County, New York. She lives only a few months, as she dies 29 February 1836 in Moravia.
1836, September 25 Sarah Louisa, the sixth child of William and Julia, is born in Moravia, Cayuga County, New York.
1837 The village of Moravia is incorporated.
1838 By this time, William is a leading citizen of Moravia and has the titles of "Esquire" and "Squire of Moravia."
1839 William and Julia Ann join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, along with members of the Caleb Haight family.
1839, April 3 Marie Antoinette, the seventh child of William and Julia, is born in Moravia, Cayuga County, New York.
1841, May 18 William Arthur, the eighth child of William and Julia, is born in Moravia, Cayuga County, New York. He lives only three years.
1842, February William sends a letter to Church leaders in Nauvoo, Illinois, with a "certificate of deposite" [sic] for $145, a donation from members of the West Niles (N.Y.) Branch (the branch to which William and Julia belong) to aid in construction of the Nauvoo Temple.
1843, June 28 William and Julia Ann sell their 100-acre farm in Moravia, New York, to Warren Austin for $3,000, and plan to "gather" with the Saints in Nauvoo, Illinois.
1843, September 13 William and Julia and their family leave Moravia, New York, by wagon with members of the Caleb Haight family, en route to Nauvoo.
1843, October 27 William and Julia arrive in Nauvoo.
1843, November 11 William and Julia purchase story-and-a-half brick home on Mulholland Street [east half of Lot 1, Block 28, Wells Survey] in Nauvoo, Illinois, from Joseph Horne Jr. and his wife, Mary Isabella, for $750.
1843, November 18 William and Julia and four of their children sign the Scroll Petition, officially titled "Memorial of inhabitants of Nauvoo in Illinois, praying for redress for injuries to their persons and properties by lawless proceedings of citizens in Missouri." The petition is sent to Congress.
1843, December 9 William purchases 160 acres of farmland in Hancock County, Illinois, on the southeast quarter of Section 21 in Appanoose Township [Township 7, Range 8] from Edward Langford for $1,000. He also owns another 20 acres of farmland that he purchased from Wilson Law for $200.
1844, July 11 After becoming severely ill with a cold while guarding the bodies of Joseph and Hyrum Smith after they were martyred two weeks previous, William dies in Nauvoo of "bloody flux." He is buried in the Old Nauvoo Burial Ground.
1844, August William and Julia's eighth and last child, William Arthur, dies the week ending August 19 in Nauvoo, also of bloody flux, and is buried beside his father in the Old Nauvoo Burial Ground.
1844, September 24-25 William's personal estate is inventoried and valued by Hiram Kimball, William Marks and Orson Spencer. Total appraised value of his estate is $1,581.85, with $303.68 in cash on hand.
1844, November 2-3 Julia holds a public auction to sell part of William's estate.
1845, Spring Julia marries Dr. John M. Bernhisel, a prominent doctor, who had arrived in Nauvoo in 1842. He moves out of the Mansion House and into her home on Mulholland Street.
1845, June 4 Julia receives her patriarchal blessing in Nauvoo from Patriarch John Smith, uncle of Joseph Smith, and is promised a posterity that is numerous.
1845, December 19 Julia is endowed in the Nauvoo Temple, along with her father, Caleb, and two brothers, Hector and Isaac, and their wives.
1846, January 20 Julia is sealed to Dr. John M. Bernhisel in the Nauvoo Temple. He is also sealed to six other women.
1846, July 13 Julia sells her home in Nauvoo to James O. and Abigail Smith for $250 and her two pieces of farm property in Hancock County to Abigail Smith for $175.
1846, August 5 Julia and her four youngest children leave Nauvoo in a covered wagon in the company of others for Winter Quarters on the western side of the Missouri River in Omaha Indian Territory. Her husband, Dr. Bernhisel, remains in Nauvoo for a period of time to help dispose of property of the Saints.
1846, September 20 Julia arrives in Winter Quarters after being on the trail in Iowa for six weeks.
1846, December 21 Julia gives birth in a covered wagon in the dead of winter to a son, her only child fathered by Dr. Bernhisel. He is named John Milton Bernhisel Jr. after his father.
1846-47, Winter
1847, Fall
Julia is seriously ill in Winter Quarters.
1848, June 7 Julia and her husband and family leave the staging area on the Elkhorn River, 20 miles west of Winter Quarters, for the West in the Heber C. Kimball company.
1848, September 24 Julia and her family arrive in the Salt Lake Valley with the Kimball company after 109 days on the trail.
1848-49, Winter Julia and her family spend the winter in the Old Fort in Salt Lake City.
1849 Dr. Bernhisel is dispatched to Washington D.C. to lobby for statehood for the Mormons.
1850 Congress creates the Territory of Utah. Dr. Bernhisel is elected Utah's first delegate to Congress and serves five terms.
1851, January When the 1850 U.S. Census is enumerated, Julia and her children, including her two married daughters, are living in Davis County; the census does not include cities or precincts.
1851 Julia possibly separates from her husband, Dr. Bernhisel.
1853, September Julia receives a second patriarchal blessing while living in Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, from itinerate patriarch Charles W. Hyde.
1850s Sometime during this decade, Julia is living on the southwest corner of Block 52 (Lot 2), at Fifth East and Second South in Salt Lake City.
1858, Spring Julia and most of her children and their families, in compliance with Brigham Young's directive to abandon the northern communities during the so-called "Utah War," leave Kaysville and move south to Utah County as part of Brigham's "scorched earth" policy.
1860, September 7 When the 1860 U.S. Census is enumerated, Julia Ann is living with her daughter, Sarah Louisa Curtis, and her family in Springville, Utah County.
1861-64 Julia's whereabouts are unknown.
1865, January 23 Julia dies in Provo, Utah, of typhoid fever at 59 years, 3 months and 17 days, and is buried in Salt Lake City Cemetery in Plat C, Block 7, Lot 7, a lot owned by her brother Hector.