Family pictures recently acquired...

Here's Idella Van Orden Bateman, seated second from left, at age 26 with her mother, daughter of Apostle Merriner Wood Merrill, her father and siblings.

From left to right, back row: Harris Olonzo, Cethel Jay, (unknown), Edmund Merrill, Don Merrill (youngster in center), (unknown), Peter Bertrand, (unknown) and (unknown).

From left to right, front row: Mabel, Idella Van Orden Bateman, Ida Philinda Merrill Van Orden (mother), Peter Edmund Van Orden (father), Evelyn and Alta.

Among unknowns are thought to be: Elbert Clark, Merlin Thatcher, Mazel Wood and Velferd Merrill. Your help in making these associations accurate is solicited.

The long hand, cut off of the right side of the picture, reads:

The family — Aug. 27, 1928                      
         The first time we had all been together
   We lived on the farm. Mothers birthday was on
       I can't remember for sure how we happened
but it seems to me that mother's birthday was on
    that year and it just happened that the boys
   came down and the ones close came to see them
    on the spur of the moment we decided to to t
this Saturday, and have our pictures taken. Just
wouldn't be able to get together again.

In younger years, Peter and Ida Van Orden scanned from a Marriner Wood Merrill history book.