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Here are documents and links of interest to family members for downloading. You may also download the histories on that page by right-clicking on the desired link, choosing "Save Target As...," then placing the file in a suitable place on your hard disk. Or, here are some sites of potential interest to you.

Tracing Your Roots in Greene County, New York History and Genealogy where Peter's and Mary's baptism into the Reformed Dutch Church and other information can be found.
Isaac Vanorder, Canadian descendant of Pierre Mabille de Nevy (Robert Vanidour, PDF, 106K, 6 pages)
The Mabe Family: Oral History, Canadian descendants of Pierre Mabille de Nevy who returned to the original patronymic.
Seigneur Pierre D'MAILLY, the purported de Mailly-Mabille de Nevy connection (David Alfred Anthes, PDF, 77K, 2 pages)
Van Orden Family Genealogy, a short history of the Van Orden family in Europe then North America (by Bryan Van Orden, professor at Vassar College)
Visit One Great Family ( an insanely great genealogy site!
Go to, the genealogy site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Go to History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy, at bottom, a collection of useful aids to genealogy
Marriage Records, a marriage, family history and genealogy website
New York City and the History of Ellis Island
Excellent sources of quality artwork and products bearing your family coat of arms...