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Website policy

If you do not wish to appear in this website, please contact the author of the book who has included you. Most authorship is explicitly attributed. It may be possible for him or her to erase you from and reissue the publication.

Addresses, telephone numbers and other timely, specific information are inappropriate on this site and efforts are made to suppress their publication.

If you believe that, as published, some information on this site endangers or causes prejudice to you or members of your family in any real way, I will gladly consider what I can do about it. Please note that most publication on this site is done in PDF, a medium that simply cannot be and is not crawled by Internet bots and indexing programs. Therefore, the fact that your face is in an image and your name in the caption below will not reveal you to anyone except those who go to the trouble to read the book.

Relationships come and go; it's not possible to edit images to remove former in-laws. Facts and history are what they are.

However, when one of your family divorces, a former in-law commits a crime or otherwise falls out of favor and you no longer wish to be associated with that individual, it is not sufficient reason to alter the publications on this website surgically in order to pretend it never happened. If it's important to whitewash your history, contact the author.